About Us

Mo Boulftali knows what good food should taste like. He has been in the restaurant business for 30 years and 16 years as owner of Jimmy’s Oven & Grill. He bought Jimmy’s when it was floundering and over the years, he has created a successful establishment which has become a cornerstone in the local community with loyal patrons enjoying their daily meals at Jimmy’s.

501 Bar & Grill offers a new exciting opportunity for Mo and to the Stonehouse and surrounding areas. Why call it 501 Bar &Grill? The history of 501 comes from his love of the Moroccan Navy ship he served on – the 501. Somehow, it seems he left his heart there. But not really, because he actually brought it with him – “501 here I come!” Mo’s love of food and life is a gift to all who know him. It gives him great pleasure to share his natural ability to create delectable meals. He loves seeing people enjoy
delicious food.

Not only is Mo an excellent chef, but Mo is quite a humanitarian. He gives back to the community by supporting many fundraisers for local organizations, schools, medical causes and local county government. He is your community “best friend”.

We hope you will visit 501 Bar & Grill at Stonehouse, enjoy some delicious food in a lovely atmosphere, and that you will support your new community restaurant. Bring a friend!